Intuitive Web3 asset recovery
Guardian's Keyper dApp protects your assets using secure, fully decentralised social recovery.
Guardian Delivers
Lose your seed — lose your assets? Not anymore.
Keyper's seed phrase recovery offers peace of mind for all Web3 users
With Guardian’s Keyper never lose your seed phrase or assets again.
Encrypted Sharded Backup
The problems facing Web3 users
You risk total loss if your private key or seed phase is lost or damaged
Lack of social recovery is a critical barrier to wider web3 adoption
Key Management is a universal problem for customers with no credible chainless solutions
Prevent your entire portfolio of digital assets being lost, stolen, or hacked.
Self-managed. You are in control
Since 2013 $200bn of asset value has been lost due to error, accidents or fraud. It’s time for a new solution. — Forbes, Q4 2021
Embed social recovery into your dApp
Encrypts your digital secrets and shards them into fragments amongst your trusted Guardians and or devices.
Encrypt & Shard
No-one can ever see, store or copy your secret. Safer than password mangers, in the cloud or writing it down.
Removes Single Points of Failure: Prevents your entire portfolio of digital assets from being lost, stolen, or hacked.
Swap and change Guardians and devices at any point. In Pro we are adding inheritance services.
Your Guardians never know of each other, hold your secret, nor does Guardian, so there’s no collusion risk.
Maintains the integrity and readiness of your circle to assist, for seed phrase and device recovery.
Keyper makes you feel secure because your assets or seed phases are recoverable, without reliance on centralised providers or platforms.

Keyper empowers you to leverage your Guardians: fiduciaries, friends, family or devices, your private circle of trust to recover your assets on demand.

Keyper makes you feel confident that no one party is able to see or recover your assets without your consent.
Keyper is the new standard for recovering seed phrases and secrets.
Instant Recovery