Integrity is our Layer0
Guardian is a Proof of Reputation (PoR) protocol that delivers on the promise of Web3, empowering users and protecting transactions.
Reputation is calculated based on a series of transaction confirmation qualifiers.

These qualifiers include speed, reliability, completeness, cost and adherence to underlying protocol rules.

Any fraud, or divergence from the protocol is detected. Nodes with low reputation are exposed, isolated and potentially removed.

Nodes with high reputation are rewarded and used to confirm the integrity and validity of transactions.
Guardian empowers and protects users ensuring complete decentralisation and transparency.
TransacTION Integrity
Users control asset custody, transactions, data, identity and reputation
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Infrastructure with Integrity
Lightning Fast. Infinite Scale. Zero Fraud.
Guardian’s gossip protocol quickly transmits information through multiple nodes simultaneously to reach consensus significantly faster than other blockchain networks.
GuardRank, Guardian’s PoR protocol and dynamic Web3 firewall guarantees transactions, transparent governance and accountability.
Zero Censorship. MEV Resistant.
Sybil Tolerant.
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