Complete protection across Web3
Guardian is the ultimate interoperable solution to dynamically protect Web3 Users, Assets and Businesses.
Reputation is calculated based on a series of transaction confirmation qualifiers.

These qualifiers include speed, reliability, completeness, cost and adherence to underlying protocol rules.

Any fraud, or divergence from the protocol is detected. Nodes with low reputation are exposed, isolated and potentially removed.

Nodes with high reputation are rewarded and used to confirm the integrity and validity of transactions.
By the start of 2021, the cumulative value of MEV extracted on Ethereum reached $78m, which then shot up to $554m by the end of the year. MEV extracted on Ethereum now stands at over $686m, $1.38b across all EVM powered networks.
Protecting web3 users
Your first and last line of defense in Web3
Guardian delivers military grade security and composable programmable features. Enforceable policies allow users to control funds and transactions on their terms.
Q2 2023
Reputation will revolutionize Web3
Find out how Guardian's Proof of Reputation blockchain delivers unrivalled dynamic protection for Web3. Faster, more reliable and infinitely scalable for users and businesses.
Guardian's social recovery with heartbeat protects users' assets forever using secure, self-sovereign and fully decentralized seed phrase back up and recovery in the network.
Never lose your assets
Power your projects effortlessly
Guardian's modular marketplace accelerates and future-proofs your roadmap. Our easy to use ecosystem delivers safety, versatility and groundbreaking innovation.
Guardian enables your users to connect, transact, store, stake, borrow and lend seamlessly on the blockchain.

This allows you to focus on building the best dApps possible, engaging and growing your community, making it accessible, inclusive and safe.
Highly secure, dynamic Web3 infrastructure
Create limitless possibilities
Effortlessly build services your users will love and launch with lightening speed. Connect and deliver intuitive market leading dApps.