Guardian delivers the best Web3 UX for gamers powered by programmable Web3 technology for publishers.
We're solving the big problems for Web3 gaming
Tech heavy UX
Lack of automation
Barriers to entry
Lack of control
Lack of recovery
Lack of certainty
Gaming platforms trust Guardian to deliver highly secure, scalable wallets.
Totally frictionless, programmable and enforceable policy controls
Recovery built in:
Never lose your seed phrase

It delivers ultra fast transactions with low execution fees
The security, speed and agility of MPC with confidential computing
All the UX, control and efficiency of ‘4337’ and account abstraction
Secure signing on mobile
No vulnerabilities
All the benefits of smart contract and MPC with none of the drawbacks
The premier Web3 dWallet solution
Guardian's immediate and comprehensive secure and flexible toolkit enables platform owners to select and compose any feature from our artefact marketplace into your wallet, dapp or platform.

It offers a completely programmable solution: All the benefits of Account Abstraction and MPC — with none of the drawbacks.
Lightning fast
Ultra secure
Super flexible
Programmable GameFi
Find out how Polemos is utilising Guardian’s unique capabilities to make gaming more enjoyable and more inclusive.
Polemos is an information and education provider, game asset lending library, and community. They believe in the massive potential of blockchain games and want to welcome as many people as possible into this world.
Guardian x Polemos deliver the Web3 experience gamers want
MPC dWallet + smart contract custom NFT lending controls
— Guardian’s flexible permissioned controls and feature-rich policy engine integrates seamlessly into Polemos Forge.

Together we offer an unparalleled gaming and NFT rental experience. Advanced by military grade infrastructure, there’s zero compromise across UX, scalability, functionality or security.
Co-founder and Co-CEO @ Polemos
Richard McLaren
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Making Web3 gaming secure, functional and flexible
Scalable NFT Rental and Lending — On Your Terms
Game Economy and Platform
Programmable NFT Lending
User Permissioned Controls
Immutable's gamers deserve an A++ experience
Guardian with Polemos delivers one click experiences. Users won’t leave your game to sign.
Transformative CX
Accessible to all
Offer free trials and scholarships to accelerate growth, while protecting your assets.
Social recovery built-in
Embed social recovery and the most secure non-custodial solution. Always recover lost keys.
No-code automation
Automate mint, burn, breeding, staking, asset redemption and payments within your game.
Embed enforceable controls
Protect borrowed assets against unauthorised actions: consumption, transformation, destruction, staking or transfers.
Lender asset guarantees
Ensure the return of rented DAO or lender assets to their original owner.